Storage Instructions

Campus Storage Instructions for 2019

Make sure to follow instructions closely!!

  1. After completing the sign up form place payment via check in the inter-campus mailbox of Tommy Napolitano, Box #3944, Venmo (@Midd-CampusStorage) whenever is convenient or you can pay by cash the day of pick up.
  2. Sign Up Sheets must be received by May 14th, or a $50 late charge will be assessed.  If signing up by this date is not possible, be sure to make prior arrangements with Tommy. Space fills quickly; so the sooner we receive your information the better.
  3. Campus Storage will confirm that we have received your sign-up and payment by email.
  4. The last day for actual storage pick-ups is May 21st. We require a signature when we pick-up your belongings, therefore, you must be in your room for your scheduled pick up.
  5. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner the sign up sheets and payment are submitted, the more likely it is that there will be available space. 

Unit Plan/Labeling:

  1. As you will see on the “Unit Sheet”, the amount you pay will be based on how many units of space your belongings take up.
  2. A unit of space is an 18” x 18” x 18” cube, so different sized objects are assigned different unit sizes.  For example, a bike is worth 4 units, a TV is worth 3 units, a 2-Seater Couch is 5 units, etc. Refer to the “Unit Sheet” to determine how many units your belongings will occupy.
  3. If you use 7 units or fewer, the fee is a flat rate of $85.  If you use more than 7 units of space, the fee is an additional $15 for each extra unit beyond 7.
  4. Please make every effort to reasonably estimate the amount you will be storing. If you end up storing more units, you can pay for the additional cost via cash or check during pickup.

Packaging and Preparation:

  1. Campus Storage will store essentially anything you want stored. If possible, please do your best to pack your items into boxes or plastic containers. Campus Storage will not accept unpackaged clothing, towels or items of this nature. DO NOT STORE ANY FOODS OR LIQUIDS.
  2. CLEARLY LABEL YOUR NAME AND FUTURE ROOM ON EACH ITEM you store. Belongings that are not labeled will not be returned on time and are not Campus Storage’s responsibility.
  3. BE SURE TO USE LABELS THAT WILL NOT FALL OFF, RIP, OR SMUDGE. This helps us get your belongings back to you in a timely fashion, and saves you money.
  4. Campus Storage will not store computer monitors, towers, or laptops.


Campus Storage deals with nearly 100 refrigerators every spring. If you unplug your fridge the same day we pick up your items, it will begin to defrost and not only will your fridge be very moldy next fall, but it will get water all over the rest of your items in the storage facility.



  1. Items will all be delivered to your room by the end of the day on the Friday before school starts (a facilities employee will give us access to your room if you have not yet arrived). This is the day before the official student move in period begins on Saturday September 7th at 9:00am.
  2. School does not allow us to operate before September 5th, so that is the earliest day we can start returning items.

Study Abroad:

  1. Campus Storage has the ability to store the belongings of students who go abroad.
  2. The cost depends upon how many semesters the student is away.
  3. To calculate the cost:
    1. Away for one semester, multiply summer storage by two. For an entire year, multiply the cost for summer storage by three (summer, fall, spring, with second summer free of charge).
    2. For Example: $85 for summer = $170 total cost if abroad for one semester, and $255 total cost for the entire year.


  1. Cash, Venmo (@Midd-CampusStorage), or personal checks are accepted; make checks payable to:
    Tommy Napolitano. You can make the payment on the day of pick up.
  2. IMPORTANT-DO NOT SEND CASH IN INTER-CAMPUS MAIL. If you wish to pay cash, you can pay on the day your items are picked up. Campus Storage is not responsible for payments that are lost in the mail.
  3. There is a $50 surcharge for checks returned “insufficient funds”.
  4. Cancellations made after May 14th will carry a $50 penalty.

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